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Veg Chowmein Recipe | Veg Noodles Recipe

         VEG CHOWMEIN(NOODLES) Look the plan was to make "chowmein" First I said That"get a small vessel out, we will make i...


Look the plan was to make "chowmein" First I said That"get a small vessel out, we will make it just for us"And then I thought ,Show everyone and then eat with everyone.

So hello there I am Abhijeet Bharati and after the music we will make Street style "chowmein"...


So to make chow mein we need Noodles Alright"Noodles" will be in China,But for chow mein one needs "noodles".


So here are our noodles, these are dry noodles.If you want you can take fresh noodles also.If you like and eat non veg then you can take egg noodles, they have the best texture Or else you can take veg noodles also but,The older and cheaper your noodle packet, the better your "chowmein" will be.

So don't go to a Japanese or Chinese store to buy noodles Completely desi.

Get some thing like egg noodle.So there are 2 liters of water for 2 packets of noodles and approximately 2 tbsp Salt.When I was young, then I was very lucky that

My upbringing, the beginning 2 and a half years happened in an army family.So in an army family, when you go in an army mess.So there some things are standard, like the tomato soup that I had made

Secondly.These noodles were standard and once in a week, when the mood was good.Then,Mrs. Balbir Singh's, cookery book used to come out Which,Is the army cooking bible 

So from that the noodles recipe is gotten and noodles were made.So that is my noodle memory,But That memory changed when I Started going to Calcutta regularly for work and an I actually started understanding the details of Indian Chinese food in Tangra 

So in Tangra,The Indian Chinese food that is made this chow mein has also come out from there and till today.This I can tell you with guarantee.That if You wan to have 'chowmein'.Have t from Calcutta and from puja stalls, so that was my evolution From army chow mein to Druga puja stall chow mein

Now lets get back to the recipe.Ok now please forgive me, I found red bell pepper so I added it Or else completely old style.Alright! red bell pepper is not needed.Only cabbage, onion Capsicum.So when ever you make Chinese food then understand.That the main time consumption happens in the cutting chopping.

Its 80% preparation and 20% cooking

Now lets add the noodles,So until the noodles boils lets us do the rest of cutting and chopping.Look this is the most important, keep all the preparations ready Or else your pan will be on.The prep won't be ready and the noodles will burn and you will say "Abhijeet you don't Tell us"(part of joking).

"Abhijeet had told you..."Please cut everything and keep it ready.Told you right And after that we just have to mix in the sauce And the chow mein is ready, thankyou very much It felt very good meeting you.See, the food that is prepared happily and playfully that.Is GOOD!People say the most difficult while cooking is Planning.

See not even a minute should be wasted.There the noodles have boiled here our cutting is done.Until the noodles cool down.The sauce will be ready, so all the work together.Thank you very much , here the noodle is ready...

So lets make the sauce, we will mix it and keep it ready.Ok!Vinegar.The dirty chili sauce And the dirty green chili sauce.This I don't know which one its a little too high street.It should be a dirty green And the extremely thick Soya sauce.This concoction is very important.This mixture will decide how nice your 'chowmein' will be.

Now I am adding in some powdered sugar.So mix this well there should be no lumps.Now on the other side"Garam masala"This is my addition you dont add it.And for the color a little chili powder,Salt Not to much, because even soy sauce has salt in it.And while boiling the water sorry, the noodle, you have added salt in that as well.

Now normally what happens, when Chinese food is prepared.When we make it in a restaurant then everything is in front of us we quickly take everything and add it in.But in that I have realized watching my own blogs that you end up missing something because I am not able to stop.

Suddenly the flame is high and I need to be in speed as well.That's why something are missed so I though this time I will make is separately and show it.Now in a hot wok take some oil,And now without wasting any time now we have to move very quick.Set up the shop and like I said."If here you mess up then no one can save you".Onion and then garlic green chili and ginger.

The texture is the most important thing in "chowmein" Texture is everything,And if you want to have egg chow mein then on one side.Make an omelets and chop it and add it in the end.Now before the texture is lost add in the capsicum and the cabbage.Here we go come on all the neighbors are going to enjoy today.

Now you please don't do this Or else you will burn you hand and then you will say "Abhijeet you don't tell us", I told you I had told you that my old hands are habituated to it you please don't do it.Come on now...

Now the food is ready for everyone now add in the masala And sauce.A little red chili sauce And a little Soya sauce more Wow And remember the soy sauce has to be the thick soy sauce.

Thick like honey Done.

Now if I cook it more than this then the vegetables will loose its texture.Meaning we will go to make chow mein and end up with noodles and vegetable halwa and we do not want that and green onion in the end and I'll tell you another cheat.

Now at home because our flame is small we are not able to get that texture.So that's why add some raw vegetables just on topThat will get the texture back.So the vegetable will become a little soft cause of the heat but will still have the crunch Ok! and done.

So what I did.I had a minute so I broke an egg, added chili sauce a little vinegar and a little salt or soy sauce, I added soy sauce and make an omelet and cut it into strips.

So I thought if any one wanted an egg chow mein recipe so they shouldn't be sad.I have to think about everyone.I am the mother of this family.Where one child wants egg chow mein and one wants veg 'chowmein'.So no child should be angry.Abhijeet just says anything.Anyways,now enough.Our chatting will never finish now a small portion of egg "chowmein",It's optional, don't be sad,So here we end our program today.

Now see I did a good thing by making 2 packets so even you are satisfied and even the people who wanted egg chow mein are and even I am done.Actually the recipe is very simple and real.

"Tangra style"


See its such a simple recipe and I have broken it down so now do make it,

And please do on the bell notification for future recipe updates thank you...

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