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Healthy Vegetables Soup | Easy Veg-Soup

                      HEALTHY VEG-SOUP Intro: Here all of us are fine.I am Abhijeet from Cooking Tasty. Let's Talk : Today I am here wi...

                     HEALTHY VEG-SOUP


Here all of us are fine.I am Abhijeet from Cooking Tasty.

Let's Talk:

Today I am here with a vegetable soups recipe. I had shown one long back. This is more easier and healthier Not only now because of corona, healthy soups are good to have always. But try having soups daily.

I prefer vegetable soups always. I shall post the links of the soups in the description box that I have done so far. Check them out. Do watch and try it out too.


So immediately lets perceive how to make our sound and delectable vegetable soup. Presently lets start to make our simple, scrumptious and sound vegetable soup.

We can make vegetbale soups from numerous points of view. I am showing the soup we get in restaurants. When making a clear soup we dont use oil at all. Heat a kadayi and place it on medium flame. Add very little olive oil. Ive added less than a tbsp.

If you want you can use butter. Use any oil you want. Finely chop 1 garlic and add it to the hot oil. Add some chopped white part of some spring onions too. If you dont have it, add 1tbsp chopped onions. Saute this well till it fades. No need to wait for the colour to change. For clear soup no need to saute these in oil.

We add all the vegetables directly to water and cook it. For a flavour, I have added 1tbsp oil. If you dont want oil at all, you can avoid this step. You can use any vegetables you have at home for this soup I am using mushrooms, cabbage, carrots and beans. Now add 3 mushroom finely chopped.

If you dont have mushrooms, its ok. I had them. You can add capsicums, broccoli, cauliflower if you have. You can add any you have. There is nothing such as only these vegetables. Saute the mushrooms for 2mts. You get a good flavour, thats why we are sauting it.

If its a clear soup, just add them to the water. Many cut the vegetables for this in different ways. I prefer chopping them finely. If you want you can cut it to bigger pieces.

Adding Ingredients:

Now add all the vegetables that you have chopped. I have taken 1 carrot, 4 beans and little cabbage. Mix all of them together. More than the taste, this is a healthy dish.

I boil all together with pepper and salt My aunty adds tomatoes to this for a sour taste. You can then strain it. All the nutrients will be in the stock Kids might not like having the vegetables.

You can strain and add salt and pepper to the stock and have Mothers will be knowing the kids likes. When this is done, add water as needed.

I am pouring 4 glasses of water. Boil on medium flame. Add salt and pepper as needed. I have added 1/2tsp pepper pdr. Let this boil well.

The vegetables shouldnt get mashy. You should be able to bite it. At that stage we shall mix little cornflour to this and add.

If its a clear soup, you dont have to add cornflour. Just boil and have it. As you know my mother was not feeling well. She was bed ridden for 2 years. I used to make this for her daily.

I used to use all the vegetables at home like cabbage, carrots, beans etc I used to add spinach too that we had at our garden. She wanted just little. I used to cook them well and grind it in a mixi.

I used to add salt and pepper to it and give it to my mother. I used to add a tomato just for the sourness.Gave her 1 glass daily.


(Not Poured In Dish/Cup)*

It used to be in loose consistency. You can have it that way too. There is nothing such as soup is like this. So adjust the taste as your kids like. You can grind and give it to them too. Mothers see and do it. Anyhow drinking soup is very healthy.

I have already posted some soups. Some are asking for pumpkin soup. If you will see what I made, shall show it I had added plain water to this. But some add vegetable stock to this.

You get to buy vegetable cubes also. You can mix it in water and add. But I dont do all that. I prefer water. When all these are boiled, it becomes stock Not necessary all should have cubes or stock at home.

So add the vegetables you have. Add celery if you have It gives a special flavour to the soup. This has been boiling for 10mts now. You can add soya sauce if you want. Usually its added to hot and sour soups. We dont use soya sauce is these kinds of soups. This is now half done and shouldnt be overcooked. This is how we need it.

When its a clear soup, off it at this stage. I am adding little cornflour to it. Its just to thicken it a bit. If you want it as egg drop soup, beat half an egg and drip it slowly to the soup. Keep stirring. It turns to become an egg drop soup.

You can cook chicken with turmeric, salt n pepper and add You can make a chicken soup that way. Adjust it in anyways you like. I am adding 1tbsp cornflour mix to this. Mix and see if the consistency is correct. Pour little more if needed.

I have added 2tbsp of cornflour mix. Only then the consistency is correct. 1tbsp wasnt enough. If you feel the consistency is still loose, add little more cornflour mix. It depends on each ones likes. Now lets switch off the gas. Add either little vinegar or lemon juice. I am adding lemon juice. Adjust the taste as per your choice. I am squeezing half a lemon.

Time To Serve:

Let me taste and see. Adjust the salt and pepper also according to your taste. Only if its slightly sour, it tastes good. If you dont want it, you can avoid. I am adding little more. You check and adjust. I am adding little more pepper powder too. Vinegar and green chillies mix can be added while having.

I shall post the links in the description box. Here they said they want this. So I poured 2tbsp vinegar and added boiled and cooled water. I chopped 2 green chillies also to it. This is the solution.

You can see this at hotels. This is optional. I have already poured lemon juice to this. If needed add this. I have taken photos and come. This is the measurement for 4 people to have. Many ask how many can have this. Except biriyani and payasam, rest of my recipes are all for 4 people. If there is any changes, I mention it here.

Let me taste and see. Its awesome. You get to chew the vegetables. Its a refreshing soup. Its spicy, sour and salty too. All of you do try it out and let me know your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe, thank you.


Look at my husband chopping vegetables for me I chopped vegetables for the soup and he is chopping the rest for a stir fry. He said he shall do it for me. Its so nice when they help us in the kitchen.

Those simply sitting at home like my husband can help their wives in the kitchen Now its like a meal will do. No hassles with the kids.

They have become adjusting. Before it was 3 types of food for all 3 here. Now all eat the same food. I never thought we could change in such a situation. Thank a lot.

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