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Dodha Barfi Recipe | How to make Doda Barfi From Wheat Sprouts

                          Dodha Barfi Intro: Namaskar! I'm Abhijeet Bharati.  Today, we will plan dhoda. About Barfi: It is a well known...

                         Dodha Barfi

Namaskar! I'm Abhijeet Bharati. Today, we will plan dhoda.

About Barfi:
It is a well known sweet of Delhi and Gurgaon It is delicious and you can undoubtedly set it up at home Made with fixings accessible at home. 


Let's begin! For getting ready dhoda, the primary fixing is Sprouted wheat How to sproute wheat? Wheat grains are accessible in any factory Wash and douse them short-term These are splashed wheat grains.

Take a strainer lay a cotton fabric add drenched wheat to the material enclose it by the material wet the material with water Take a plate keep a bowl over it Keep the sifter over the bowl so the air can pass from all sides Leave it for 2 days to sproute following a day, sprinkle water over the fabric Ensure the fabric stays wet following 2 days open up the fabric wheats are all around grew see, how pleasantly they have grown we will get ready dhoda from This is 1 cup of grew wheat.

We have splashed 1/2 cup of wheat for planning dhoda now coarsely granulate them No compelling reason to add water or milk See, we have ground the wheat coarsely Pulse, check and mix, on the other hand beat If it looks dry then, at that point add 1-2 spoon of water or milk Transfer the ground wheat to the Kadai Take them out in the Kadai add 1/4 cup of Curd will assist with turning milk sharp and giving dhoda a decent preference.

For dhoda burfi, we need grew wheat as the grew wheat are sweet It gives Dhoda Burfi a special taste Do not take harsh curd Take new curd After blending curd and wheat pour 1 liter full cream milk cook it over low medium warmth Stir the milk at stretches.

We have grown the wheat however you can get them too They look like Daliya yet that daliya isn't made of dried wheat Sprouted wheat is dried and afterward ready as daliya Ready made Dhodas are ready with dried wheat at home you can undoubtedly set it up with wheat Stir the combination at spans.

Make sure the spatula contacts the lower part of the Kadai to save it from getting stick See, the milk has gone bad If it doesn't go bad then, at that point add 2-4 drops of lemon juice here now cook till it becomes thick Stir sometimes and keep the fire low-medium don't cook it over high warmth.

Let it turn denser Meanwhile, get ready glucose syrup For that take 1/4 cup of sugar and pour 1/2 cup water from the very cup that implies 2 tbsp 1/4 cup = 4 tbsp turn on the fire and cook over low-medium fire till sugar breaks up mix at spans and try to mix the milk too.

 Stirring is truly significant Sugar has broken up add 1/2 squeeze salt and 2-3 drops of lemon juice Check the sugar syrup Sugar has disintegrated The last drop will fall as wire You can check it in another way also.Take a little syrup and pour it in cool water The syrup shouldn't break up in water Collect the syrup.

 It is not difficult to gather and make a wad of it Glucose Syrup is prepared I have set it up in less amount Enough to get ready dhoda Sprouted wheat combination has thickened very much Take 1/2 cup of earthy colored sugar you can add white sugar, jaggery sugar, or jaggery itself add anything you like earthy colored sugar will give it tone else, you should add tone in the event of white sugar jaggery sugar will likewise offer tone to sweet and blend well.

What's more, cook while mixing now and then The blend has thickened alot we are cooking it while mixing at spans add ground coconut take 1/2 cup of ground coconut It will add pleasant taste and thicken to Dhoda 1/4 cup of slashed cashews They will likewise make dhoda heavenly For decent smell, 1/2 tsp of coarsely ground cardamom.

You can add coarsely squashed cardamom seeds It will make it more delightful 1/4 tsp of nutmeg powder for pleasant taste and scent you can skip it in the event that you need The combination tone is still light as dhoda is of dull shading To add tone.

We will add cocoa powder Take 1 tbsp of milk and add 1 tsp of cocoa powder and blend well and add cocoa blend to the Kadai blend well it's tone has turned dim as it cooks its shading will become more obscure add the plan glucose syrup Glucose syrup will add sparkle and makes dhoda delicate blend and cook the blend.

Presently add ghee add desi ghee to make dhoda flavorful Dhoda will turn out delectable and delicate cook the combination till it achieves coagulating consistency The combination is getting hazier now mix it continually.

If you stop, then, at that point stop briefly If you will quit mixing now then it will copy and won't taste great so deal with mixing See, how much the blend has thickened turn the blend around with spatula you will realize it has accomplished souring consistency.

Take a burfi plate to set the blend and oil it with ghee move the blend to the plate apply ghee to the spatula and spread it equally The dhodas are marginally thicker and don't make them slender. add  choped cashews for embellishing and almond press them with the assistance of a spoon to fix them in the combination leave them to set Dhoda is set and prepared.

It requires 2 hour cut the blend into pieces cut the blend into pieces however you see fit the plate a little to take out pieces effectively for 10-15 second Dhoda Burfi is fit to be served It looks enticing and it is truly delicate.

It is heavenly and you will discover no difficulty in setting it up plan grew wheat then, at that point coarsely ground it while cooking make a point to mix it well Ensure the spatula contacts the lower part of the Kadai while mixing...

So,the milk and combination will not adhere to the Kadai add everything subsequent to estimating you will get ready scrumptious dhoda burfi and you can appreciate it's anything but a month without refrigerating.

So, take a stab at getting ready it and offer your involvement in me, Suggest some food plans...

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