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Paneer Chilli Recipe - How To Make Paneer Chilli (2 methods) At Home By Cooking Tasty

                          PANEER CHILLI Outro: Hey welcome to ''COOKING TASTY'' in this blog we are making paneer chili  in...

                         PANEER CHILLI


Hey welcome to ''COOKING TASTY'' in this blog we are making paneer chili in 2 methods so, read carefully and follow one by one steps and serve with happiness... 

           A famous Indo-Chinese starterthat's made with paneer, And has traces of spiciness,tanginess and pleasantness. You got it! Paneer Chili. That is the thing that we're making today.       



                           # METHOD 1

 We will begin with shallow frying the paneer, Before that, I will make are ally delectable covering first. So we're going to need 3 tbsp of Cornflour or Cornstarch. 3 tbsp of All-reason flour or Maida. Furthermore, 2 tsp of Ginger Garlic glue. A 1/4 tsp of Black Pepper Powder. Some Salt. I'm simply going to blend this through.

What's more, presently I will add some water, A tablespoon at a time, Until I get a consistency that's perfect. So I've added about a1/4 cup of water, And I'm simply ensuring that there are no protuberances in this hitter, So whisk it through truly well. 

I will require about 3 tbsp of oil. And keeping in mind that that warms up, I'm simply going to cover the pieces of paneer in this hitter. I have 200 grams of paneer here... ...which I've recently cut up into solid shapes.

I'm simply going to begin frying the paneer. Make certain to flip the pieces of paneer in the dish, So that they're pleasant and golden from all sides, So I will take these out of the skillet. Presently I'm not going to add any more oil to the skillet, I'm simply going to utilize up whatever is left in the dish.


 To this, I will add about 3 tsp of finely cleaved Garlic. What's more, 2 tsp of finely cleaved Ginger. Give that a twirl in the pan till the crude smell disappears. Presently to this, I will add a1/4 of a tsp of Red Chili Flakes. A 1/4 of a cup of spring onions that have recently been slashed up. 2 tsp of Red Chili powder

A minuscule touch of Black pepper. Some Green Capsicum. Simply hope to sautรฉ this on a high fire. The capsicum is pleasantly pan-seared, So now I'm going to add 2 tsp of Light Soy Sauce. 2 tsp of Red Chili Sauce. Also, a tbsp of Tomato ketchup

This will give a slight hint of pleasantness too, Each of these ingredients has a lot of salt in it. Simply blend that through truly well. Presently I will add just a smidgen of water... make a tad of a sauce. Here I have a tbsp of corn flouror cornstarch, And to this, I'm going to add some water and make a slurry. 

This will help thicken the sauce. Simply give that a mix. Ensure that it's nice and smooth, no knots. 

What's more, empty that directly into the skillet. Take the warmth up and mix it. I will add a little bit of salt to taste. Mix that through. What's more, presently we are on the whole prepared to add the paneer back into the container. 

What's more, presently really gently coat the paneer... this excellent sauce that we've made. The paneer is pleasantly covered in this delightful sauce. Also, it's totally prepared, I will take it off the warmth. Furthermore, simply add 1 tsp of Vinegar. Mix that through. 

What's more, simply sprinkle on some Spring Onions. We're totally ready to serve this, And as a last touch, I'm just going to sprinkle on a few... White sesame seeds just before I serve it. 


That was a fast recipe for 'Paneer Chili'. Presently you can serve this up for what it's worth as a starter, Or with some Egg Fried Rice.

                           # METHOD 2


Without wasting time we will plan 2 Chilly Paneer which is eaten alongside noodles and taste marvelous. It tastes flavorful regardless of whether we eat only 1 bowl Chilly Paneer with no noodles. It is additionally filled in as a starter. 

Fixings required : 

Paneer300 grams Capsicum

 - 2 (green and red) finely cleaved Mint Leaves 

 - 10 to 12 Corn flour

 - 3 to 4 tbsp Tomato sauce

 - 1/4 cup Olive oil

 - 1/4 cup Any other cooking oil can be utilized instead of olive oil. Vinegar

 - 1 tsp Soya sauce 

 - 1 tsp Chilly sauce

 - 1 tsp Green chillies

 - 2 to 3 (finely choped) Ginger 

 - 1" long piece (ground or 1 tsp ginger glue) Salt

 - 1/2 tsp or add to taste Black pepper 

 - 1/4 tsp Chilly drops - 1/4 tsp Ajinimoto - 1 or 2 squeeze

First we need to slice then, at that point shallow fry paneer to plan Chilly Paneer. Since we have cut the Paneer take half of the corn flour. Warmth a dish. Coat paneer pieces in corn flour and keep to the side. Pour 2-3 tsp oil in the warmed dish. 

Fry paneer pieces in this hot oil (these can likewise be rotisserie), keep a medium fire. Paneer pieces should be shallow seared till they become light earthy colored all over. 

Take out the singed paneer pieces in a plate and let us start getting ready Chilly Paneer. Warmth the skillet and pour remaining oil in it. Put ginger and green chillies in hot oil and fry them somewhat. 

Presently add green capsicum (fry briefly) and capsicum (fry for an additional 1 moment) fry till the two get a little crunchy. Put in the singed paneer pieces in the container followed by pureed tomatoes, soya sauce, vinegar and cold sauce. 

Keep a medium fire. Presently add crisp pieces, ajinomoto, dark pepper and salt. Blend every one of the fixings completely. Break up corn flour in water (1/4 cup) and mix till irregularities vanish. 

Pour this corn flour blend in the container and cook for only 1 moment, mixing meanwhile. Break mint leaves into fat pieces an as they give an excellent taste.

Crisp Paneer is prepared, it is not difficult to make. Yet, simply be cautious while singing paneer and ensure that the gas is on a medium fire. As paneer ought to be shallow singed, not consumed. 

We have arranged this Chilly Paneer without utilizing any onion, however on the off chance that you lean toward garlic or onion, while warming oil finely cleave 2 garlic cloves and meagerly cut 1 little onion. Put the garlic and onion pieces first in hot oil and fry till onion becomes light pink. 

Subsequent to doing so add the entirety of the flavors in a similar way and set up your Chilly Paneer. Cold Paneer tastes delectable even without utilizing any onion. 

We have likewise placed in some ajinomoto in the Chilly Paneer. A few group say that ajinomoto is destructive so we have utilized an exceptionally less sum while setting up this formula. 

A little sum won't create any damage. Utilizing a great deal of ajinomoto while planning ordinary dinners may cause hurt.


You can likewise make Chilly Paneer without utilizing any ajinomoto. Attempt this formula yourself and offer your encounters with us. We will meet again at


Hope you enjoyed and learned this recipes,we will meet in the next recipes,Thanks for reading this blog keep support...

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