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Homemade Cheezy Pizza Recipe By Cooking Tasty.

                              HOMEMADE CHEEZY PIZZA RECIPE   Intro:                           Hey hey everyone, I'm actually posting a...

                             HOMEMADE CHEEZY PIZZA RECIPE


    Hey hey everyone, I'm actually posting a blog on time for once. Since it's been quite cold lately, pizza is probably the best dish to eat  Today's blog will instruct you all on the most basic part of the pizza.



  The sauce. It's super delicious and you can also store it for later use for 4-5days (fridge) and 2 months (freezer). This recipe will give you about 500g of sauce Firstly, I'll use 800g of ripe tomatoes, remember to buy fully ripe ones. And then I'll carve out an x on the tomatoes' surface, and remember, just on the surface.

Next, boil a pot of water and dump all of your tomato children into the boiling pot, keep it on high heat and wait for 30sec before putting them out.The x earlier we made makes peeling the tomato skin way easier when they are cooked See  Easy peasy, and you won't have to cut into their flesh.

 Once the tomatoes are freed fron their mortal skin, cut them into 4 and pull out the cores Remove the core and all the seeds Since the core and the seeds are the most sour part of tomatoes, getting rid of it will help the tomatoes reach the enlightenment of gourmet food  I'd usually show off my crappy knife skills.

                     Anyways, the next step is to put your pan with 20g of unsalted butter and 10ml of olive oil on your super awesome and high-tech Korean stove. Oh wait, you don't have one Jk but you can always get one on Shopee.

I'm getting distracted While waiting for your butter to melt, mince 15g of garlic and dice 80g of onion but remember to cut them super small After that, put all of your onion and garlic into the pan and  mix it around for 4-5 min and when you can feel its deliciousness in your nostrils  And then...

 I'll pour in the blended tomatoes into the pan. Having chunks is completely okay and you don't need to blend the tomatoes into a fine paste And then pour in 50ml water into the pan to cook the tomatoes and avoid burning I will add the spices right away. 

                You can alter all of these ingredients to your liking and the tomatoes Since all tomatoes are different, you have to alter it, but you don't have to change too much so don't worry. Or you just got really unlucky with your tomatoes.

I'm going to put in 1tsp of salt, 18-20g of sugar and 50g of ketchup (not tomato sauce) It's not pizza sauce if it doesn't have the Italian feel Throw in 1tsp of dried oregano and 1 tsp of dried basils.

You can also replace it with fresh basil leaves, but you can't skip through this ingredient And lastly is some black pepper to spice it up  Put on the lid and turn the stove down to low heat and let it simmer for 30 min. 


           Mix it once in a while A little caution for you all who aren't used to having oregano and basil leaves in your meal, it can be overwhelming at first but it is really good when you actually get used to it It's like shrimp paste here in Vietnam.

The smell might be horrid, but the taste is immaculate and your breathe will also be radioactive waste as well When some of the water is evaporated, the tomatoes are fully cooked.

The sauce gets thicker, taste test to spice it again if needed and turn off the stove. Remember that the sauce will get thicker when it gets cold so time it corrrectly If the sauce is too watery, it will make the pizza soggy and thicker sauces will make the pizza really dry.

        You'll get the gist of it when you make it for some more times We'll continue with the pizza crust. I will instruct y'all stinky brains on how to make the crust following a simple 28cm pizza crust recipe First, put 1 tsp of dried yeast and 10g of sugar in 100ml of warm water. 

Don't use boiling water or your yeast will die and the pizza won't rise Yeast's lives matter too  Mix it all up and wait about 10min for your yeast to do the fricky and the number will rise immediately.

Next, put 150g of bread flour and 10ml of olive oil (you can replace the bread flour with all-purpose flour and increase the amount by 10-20g or the dough will be too wet) Pour in the yeast mixture from earlier and 1/2 tsp of salt.

This is the Bear kneading machine I also got from local market   It's so cute and small But it's probably suitable for all of you single bears out there, which is probably all of you  It's suitable for smaller pizzas and bread. You can buy larger ones .

               Put it in the kneading machine for 20min. While waiting, I'll prep a bowl with a coat of olive oil so the dough doesn't stick After you're done kneading the dough, let the dough rise. Actually, if you have the kneading machine, you didn't do anything  Let it rise for about 45-60min, okayyy?  I'm not sure if all cats are like this, but my cats are obsessed with boxes. 

They try to get into any boxes, however big or small the boxes are  After letting the dough rest and destress, it will double in size due to inactivity Use a little bit of flour to prevent sticking and get to work  I'm not a professional pizza chef so I'm just going to do the pressing technique.

 I can't spin the dough in the air, unfortunately  It looks really cool though  Shape it until it's 30cm in diameter and fold in the outer crust to prevent the toppings from sneaking out Especially the cheese  Remember to stab the dough with a fork before adding toppings and baking.

So, it won't form any air bubbles while in the oven After spreading 100g of the homemade pizza sauce from earlier evenly on the dough, I place 100g of mozarella on top of the sauce. The amount can vary depending on your preference And I'm also putting some Salami on the pizza. 


                  This is more popular in foreign countries as in Viet Nam, there aren't many people who like it But it tastes really good. Lastly, I'm going to decorate the pizza with some olives so it looks truly Western.

 I'm crying everytime I watch things rise in the oven from its beauty and serenity  Bake the pizza at 220°C for 10-12min Just the cheese melting in the oven makes me want to open the oven and eat it right away But I have a reputation to keep, but just fyi, my inner cheese demon is screeching.


 It looks exactly like the ones from restaurants right?  But I guarantee you that it's just as good as those, plus the homemade sauce is always better than the store-bought one Oh god look at that cheesy deliciousness.

                       HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS RECIPE,THANK YOU...


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