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Tasty breakfast- POTATO PARANTHA | Aloo Paranta

                            ALOO PARANTHA   Intro: Hi, everybody, this is Abhijeet Bharati and today in my kitchen, I will make my #1 Aloo P...

                            ALOO PARANTHA



Hi, everybody, this is Abhijeet Bharati and today in my kitchen, I will make my #1 Aloo Parantha. 


Furthermore, prior to making Aloo Parantha, first, we need to set up the batter and before that, we need to wash our hands. 

what happens is that our hands has a great deal of germs, which clearly are not noticeable So it's difficult critical to wash your hands prior to eating wash your hands prior to cooking. Furthermore, done. Goodness.

Overall quite perfect. To set up the mixture, we take the flour, and add a liberal touch of salt to it.

 Then, at that point we add water and work it pleasantly. The batter is prepared. Give it rest for 10 minutes. 

For the stuffing of Aloo Parantha, we have bubbled and pureed potatoes. To this, we add salt, red cold powder, cumin, coriander seeds, finely choped ginger, finely slashed green crisp and finely cleaved coriander leaves.

We blend it well. Blend done. This is our batter, which is all around rested. We cut little parts from the batter and make round balls from them.


 I have this flour, in this, we press the round batter balls and we stretch it In this, we fill the stuffing, crease it, roll it softly And it's done There is one all the more method of stuffing the Aloo Parantha.

You take 2 little mixture balls and roll this delicately keep it to the side. Presently we softly stretch this excessively Not definitely, only a tad. Presently, we put some stuffing in the center and spread it somewhat Not incredibly towards the sides, just around the middle 

Now, the subsequent batter will go on the top And we will extend it over and press it and keep it on the top Now Flip it like this On the Flour.

When you make the Aloo Parantha like this Clearly, 2 layers of these structures it is exceptionally delightful and firm Now we heat a frying pan And spot the Parantha on the hot iron Now we turn it around there. 

We'll cook it on this side for 1 moment On medium fire fast turn Now put Ghee on it Turn it Ghee on the second side as well, You can likewise utilize oil on the off chance that you need. This looks lovely It smells wonderful. 

Aloo Parantha with the trace of bean stew in the stuffing. Also, cooked in Desi Ghee And simply take a gander at it This layer You can open it like this Look at that inside And Flip it once. Hot and happening Aloo Parantha I'm exceptionally ravenous however Before eating, wash your hands



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