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Cheesy Homemade Pasta Recipe By Cooking Tasty.

                                                         PASTA RECIPE             Intro:  Hello foodies, welcome to Cooking Tasty ...pasta i...

                                                        PASTA RECIPE



 Hello foodies, welcome to Cooking Tasty...pasta is loved by all Today i will be able to be showing you 4 sorts of Pastas.



So let's start bechamel sauce Pasta I even have kept water for boiling 1 tea spoon salt 1/2 tea spoon oil Mix it well As soon it involves boil, add 1 cup or 200 gms penne pasta Mix it and let it boil It should be cooked around 80% we'd like to boil it for around 8-9 mins.

 Let me cut and show it to you we'd like it in such texture cut the gas flame Drain it with some cold water Keep it aside 2 tea spoon oil or butter during a pan 1 tea spoon grated garlic Fry it for a few time 1/2 onions dig small pieces 1 carrot 1/2 capsicum .

Little corns Mix it and cook it for around 2 mins Little salt Little black pepper powder Mix them well Vegetables are now ready Keep them aside 4 table spoons butter during a pan keep it up medium high flame As soon because it starts to melt, add 4 table spoon maida.

 Mix it and cook it on low medium flame For 3-4 mins Add milk to the mixture 2 cups milk Keep mixing it in between Let it cook for 3-4 mins Add lille salt little black pepper powder Red chilly flakes Mixed herbs seasoning Mix it and let it cook for two more mins.

                  Now this looks ready check the rear of the spoon Add all vegetables Boiled pasta Mix it and cook it together I even have cooked for 2-3 mins don't over cook the pasta you'll adjust the sauce consistency by adding milk or water 4-5 spoons cheese Cook it until it's melted Serve it hot and luxuriate in Authentic bechamel sauce pasta is prepared Tomato pasta or red sauce pasta Keep water for boiling Salt and oil Mix it well Add the pasta and boil Drain it with cold water Keep it aside 4-5 red tomatoes Make cuts as shown Keep water for boiling during a vessel 4-5 dry red chillies Keep for boiling or until soft it'll provides a nice color to the pasta Add the tomatoes Keep for boiling Or until it becomes soft enough.



                 Cover it with lid for a few time and cook in order that cooking becomes fast Tomatoes became soft, skin is beginning cut the gas flame Drain it with water Add cold water from top.

Remove the skin of the tomatoes Transfer it during a mixer or blender Add the red chillies also don't add any water Smooth tomato base is prepared Check the consistency 2 tea spoon oil during a pan 1 table spoon finely cut garlic.

 Fry for a few time 1 onion finely chopped Cook for 3-4 mins you'll use other veggies also up here Add the tomato base prepared earlier Add water from the mixer Add little salt Mix it well together.

Let it come to a boil Cover with lid and cook it on low sim for two -3 mins Check by removing the lid Tomatoes have cooked well Extra water has been dried 1 tea spoon sugar To balance all the flavours Black pepper powder Mixed herbs seasoning Red chilly flakes 2 table spoons spaghetti sauce.

 Mix it and cook for 2 more mins 1 tea spoon kashmiri red chilly powder Mix it well Red thick sauce is prepared Add the boiled pastas Mix it and cook it well.

                            All pasta pieces should coat well don't overcook it this is often able to serve Add mozerella cheese on top Add 1 more layer of pasta cheese on top this is often able to eat now Looks so yummy and cheesey.

Enjoy it hot and piping Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Keep water for boiling With salt and oil Add macaroni pasta Cook it well for 6-7 mins Or until cooked for 80% Drain it well with cold water.

Keep aside 1 table spoon oil during a pan 1 table spoon butter 1 onion finely cut Cook it for 1 min 1-2 green chillies 2 tea spoon ginger garlic paste Cook it for 3-4 mins Add all the vegetables 1 carrot 1/2 capsicum Boiled corns 8-10 finely cut beens.

 Mix it for 2-3 mins 3-4 tomato puree Mix it well and let it cook for a few time Add water from mixer also Cover with a lid and cook on low-medium flame for 3-4 mins Add little salt Little red chilly flakes Mixed herbs seeasoning Mix it well together 2-3 tablespoon spaghetti sauce.

You'll use little sugar also here Base is now ready Looks thick and creamy 4-5 table spoon cheese Mix it well Until cheese is melted Add little water to regulate the gravy Add boiled pasta Fresh coriander on top Mix of these well together For 2-3 more mins in order that all pastas are coated well and pastas are cooked well Serve them hot on a plate.




                                          Put some cheese and red chilly flakes on top Do try it out for your kids tiffin boxes they're going to love it needless to say Chinese Pasta Keep water for boiling Add little salt and oil Add spiral pasta to the boiling water.

 Let it cook till 80% Remove it and drain it in cold water Keep it aside 2 table spoon oil during a pan 1 table spoon finely cut ginger 1 table spoon garlic Fry it for a few time 1-2 green chillies scallion whites Let it cook for a few time 1 onion dig cubes 1 capsicum dig cubes.

Mix it well Let it cook for 1-2 mins 2 table spoons spaghetti sauce 2 table spoon red chilly sauce 2 table spoon soy 1 tea spoon sugar 1 tea spoon vineagar Mix it well together For 1 min Add little salt also Mix it well 2 tea spoons corn flour or corn starch add 1/2 cup water.

 Mix it well Add it on top the vegetables Cook it for 2-3 mins Let it come to a boil Cook it for a few longer Thick base is now ready of vegetables and sauces Add boiled pasta and scallion greens Mix it well For 2-3 mins Or unless pasta is coated well.


 Share blog with friends and family lookout and Enjoy!!!! i will be able to see you soon Bye Bye....

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